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Attendance Activity

Daily minimum deposit value of RM50 click on the website to complete the check i-in activity. Attendance Bonus 1 time a day only. Player must check-in on the website yourself, and it will be cleared and recalculated every day at 00:00. Cannot re-sign on next day.

Red Envelope Reward

This a new red envelope event for 95asia member. AS long as customers who have deposits have the opportunity to recieved this red envelope.



Red Envelope & Attendance Activity

Games open: all slots, all sports games & all live casino
Banned Game: All Shooting Fish Game, RNG Casino Game & 4D Lottery
Withdrawal Requirement : x1 turnover

Term & Conditions :
  • All bonuses offered are intended for recreation customers only. Accounts identified or suspected as non-recreational play type or wager style or collaboration between parties is not eligible for this promotion and are subject to have any awardes bonuses plus winnings to be revoked at the sole discretion of
  • Member must complete 1 time rollover requirement {(deposit+bonus)x1} before making a transfer or withdrawal.
  • Each member is only allowed to have an account in 95Asia.
  • Red envelopes or Attendance Activity bonus must be used within 30 days.
  • Winnings from prohibit games will be forfeit without prior notice.

Unique Lucky Red Envelope Online Game On 95 Asia

Do you feel lucky today? If that answer is yes, we are proud to introduce a game that is bound to delight and excite you all day! At 95 Asia, we call this the red envelope or ang pao promotion--a special feature that we have no doubt is going to introduce to you a brand new world of online gaming and betting. The red envelope and ang pao feature is actually a unique feature of the 95 Asia website and online platform. There are very few online casino platforms that have actually launched such a red envelope promotion! However, we at the 95 Asia team are devoted to bringing you brand new, fresh features--so you have the first access to the very best of an online casino Malaysia experience over at our 95 Asia community.

If you’re wondering about the history of the red envelope online gaming feature, we are more than delighted to show this history. The history of red packets started out in the region of China, by the elders of the country in order to pass on good fortune and blessings. The elders would extend this gift of red envelopes to younger, unmarried members of their family in an effort to bless them with longevity and show them gratitude. This activity could also be done by unmarried couples in order to give them luck, prosperity and happiness in the future. Handing out red packets and envelopes would generally be done during the annual Chinese New Year, once a year--although it can also be given to individuals during their birthdays, wedding events and other special celebrations that deserve some recognition.

Recently however, the act of giving red envelopes and ang pao packets have now shifted from traditional red packets to a more modern one. That is; the idea of sending digital red envelopes to friends and family. Sending red envelopes digitally works by usually delivering a certain amount to an individual through an online platform. However, we here at 95 Asia have made that experience much more different and exciting!

Red Envelope Online Casino Malaysia Exciting Features

Our red envelope promotions at 95 Asia are unique and rare, so much so that it is not found on many other online casino Malaysia platforms and websites at all! The main reason we do this is to ensure that all of our devoted customers, players and users are able to enjoy a wide range of features--never missing out on the thrilling online gambling world and betting experiences in the country. As such, 95 Asia provides an unbeatable gameplay experience like never before.

All it takes to log on onto our red envelope and ang pao features on 95 Asia is to have a stable wifi connection and working device. Your working device could be in the form of a mobile phone, tablet, computer and anything as such! 95 Asia believes that connectivity and ease of use are the most important things when it comes to the usage of an online casino Malaysia and betting platform for red envelope and ang pao--so rest assured that you are able to redeem your rewards, gifts, prize tokens, promotions and more.

Some attractive types of red envelope and ang pao promotions are;

  • Attendance Missions: Starting off with these attendance missions, 95 Asia is proud to introduce our unique and rare type of promotion. The meaning and goal of Attendance Mission was in order to reward our fortunate and loyal users and players as they visit our 95 Asia online casino Malaysia every time. In that case, every time that they log in, they are greeted by a reward--like a daily check-in! Therefore, a daily minimum deposit of RM50 is needed to complete the check-in activity, The Attendance Mission is a bonus that is available only one time each day and is then recalculated at 00:00 mark. To increase your chances to get these types of red envelope and ang pao packet digital rewards, don’t forget to log in each day every 24 hours so that you are able to get the credits that you deserve. For the Attendance Mission, these rewards can be used in all slot games sports and online live casino Malaysia games throughout the 95 Asia platform.
  • Red Envelope Reward. This red envelope reward promotion is something that is unique to our 95 Asia platform, and difficult to find anywhere else--so we invite you to enjoy these rewards! The red envelope reward is a chance for all our users and players to win a random prize when they click on the red ang pao icon. Our red envelope feature is packed and filled with small or large credit rewards, ranging from exciting amounts that you are randomly surprised with. You are able to find this type of reward in slot games, and keep your eyes on the lookout for any time when you will be given this prize! Certainly, it is a day that will be your lucky jackpot when you receive this uncertain yet thrilling and exciting surprise--you just need to be an active player on 95 Asia!

Start A Surprise Journey With Red Envelope Rewards On 95 Asia

How much will you be rewarded today in exciting red envelope rewards, prize tokens, gifts and credits? 95 Asia thinks that with the right luck, strategy and enough active gameplay--it is definitely a possibility that you will continue to enjoy these gifts rolling in. 95 Asia is not only the trusted online casino Malaysia that is giving you this exclusive, never before and rare opportunity; but we also make your entire gameplay with red envelope rewards a very trusted one. Our website is one of the highest payout online casino platforms there is when it comes to slot games, sportsbook online and much more. Therefore, we do the same thing with our red envelope rewards systems. All you need to do is to increase the number of daily logins and check-ins with the Attendance Mission features and then play more active gameplay on 95 Asia to receive the red envelope rewards. When you start doing these two activities--you are most definitely going to walk away with an online casino Malaysia experience that is simply unforgettable.

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